Live further like a three

Do you also like threes and a hole forrest? And do you also think it’s sad that there are so many spaces without any? So many three’s are cut because of new projects like houses and other. What gives our planet a negative and bad ever after. Everybody knows that three’s are helping by our fresh air (where we live from). Now there is life after death! With the Bios Urn is it possible to be a three after you die.

The ashes of a dead person goes into a specially designed biodegradable urn and is food for a budding tree. So you after your death will grow to a beautiful pine, oak, birch or maple.

Bios Urn is created by Spanish designer Gerard Moliné. He makes the urns of 100% biodegradable materials: coconut shell, compacted peat and cellulose. What is also good for the environment. You can plant the urn into fertile soil in the garden, on a mountain or wherever, and then the growth will start. The roots take the ashes as food and as you transform after you die literally back to nature. There is also a special version for your pet.

I love this idea. Your death but can help the earth after you die. And not also the earth but also cities, many of them are hardly trying to keep their own environment livable. That is not an easy question because of our big rising population and various gases around China especially. And it is not going to be better at all. This Urn is maybe a good example to look in a different way to death people and there are no headstones needed anymore. What you can see like a new way of the trend theme no waste. What is very important in this ‘new world’. I think that it also gives you a relaxed feeling when you are on your ‘deathbed’. This fits in the theme sustainable cities because of the many urns that can be plant. They can make a really big new forrest where we can live from and also animals. A really new protected (because it are all loved ones) rainforest, that makes the hole world better. I sign for it. And I think that this will be accepted in the future and more and more people will choose for it, but it is not very familiar now, what I think is unfortunate. Therefore I will definitely tell people about it and I think it might be a great success in the future!

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