Floating cities

Sci-fi designers and urban planners are both bust imagining how we can protect our metropolis against the rising tides. A three kilometer thick ice lace in Antarctica is collapsing, which probably guarantees that the sea level around the earth will rise at least three meters. That is terrible news for the 44 percent of the world population who lives in coastal areas, who now possible need to move and are terrifying for the upcoming water. The development of the necessary technical solutions, but also plans to anticipate some inevitable social and economic changes will be a huge challenge for millions of communities worldwide.

In 1962 there was the threat of nuclear annihilation, but now we have a different kind of existential crisis in prospect. Scientists in recent years have seen significantly more impact of global warming and rising sea levels that inevitably entails. But I looked at an utopian idea in a poor district of Lagos. With is the largest economy in Africa at the moment. Local architects are working to create an entire floating city.

Constructing floating house units that can be locked together or can float individually is the big idea. The houses will also have a state of the art tool, designed by the Japanese company AIR Danshin Systems, which certain movements can register (such as earthquake vibrations), and then possibly trigger a compressor that pumps air into a space under the house so the house can safely navigate the flooded area. Not only houses can be built, also schools and other primair needs. And I think that the most nice thing about this project is that it is not only for the ‘rich’ people, but for everyone. Because it also will be built in slobs.


I personally think that it is a great idea and maybe also save a lot of people. I live in Holland and there we live under the waterlevel. What can be very dangerous. For example, the flood disaster from 1953. It is a very innovative idea with a lot of growth potential because there a probably so many idea’s from people to get of this problem. And after a basic idea can it be more and more specific, like sustainable adjustments. Which theme fits also perfectly: sustainable cities. This because this idea can be huge. When the moment is arrived that the sea level rise highly than I now for sure than more people want to have a floating house (especially in the Netherlands). It is also a new way to architect new buildings. Will this be our future house? I personally hope so because I think it is a good idea. And if there is an idea what you can make bigger and smaller then I think that it is accessible for everyone.

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