Relax ride!

Everybody probably dreamed about it, self-steering vehicles. Many people don’t know that they do exist already. Like the Mercedes-Benz self-driving semi-truck. It sounds great to relax while your car does all your work, so you can take a nap or eat something. But it contains so much more. This truck could eventually help cut down on highway tragedies that kill thousands of drivers each year. The future truck (2025) can’t navigate the streets autonomously like Google but it is perfectly capable of holding its own on the open road, where sleep-deprived truck drivers often in the fog go. Using a combination of high-tech cameras, radar sensors and the latest blind-spot technology, the Future truck analyses the road to get a sense of surrounding traffic. The driver is still required to get the truck onto the interstate and successfully merge into the other traffic. But after that, the driver can sit back and relax. (Even with the Samsung tablet in the hand, according to Mercedes). The driver can swivel his or her seat even away from the steering wheel to reach a more comfortable position. Mercedes did also think about the whole interior. Think about the wood floors, ambient lightning and so much space to get away from the steering wheel and relax. On the outside it is not very attention grabbing and spectacular but it still stands out when you compare it to an everyday semi-truck. Because of its self-driving system does Mercedes need some time to figure things out like legalisation on the road. That is exactly why it is the: Future Truck 2025. The automaker doesn’t expect the truck become commercially by a decade.


This new Future Truck is probably an example of all future vehicles. With all these new technology is it possible to do nothing and rely on the latest gadgets. This fit perfectly in the theme sustainable cities because it is an example of the newest possibility’s around the car business. I think that it is very good to innovate to improve safety. But I also think that people will be very sceptical in the beginning because of the relaxing driver. After the sceptical part I think that people will embrace it because of the safety and also because it is high technologic developed. Before that I think that Mercedes definitely need to advertise to make more awareness and show people that it is save and better than the old truck. But I really think that this is the future, lives will be spared and more truck drivers will get more rest in their not so healthy lifestyle. They can focus on other thinks and they can even do another training or course next to this job.

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