Futuristic Dutch Windwheel

Rotterdam has always been concerned with the architecture. The heart of the city is pounding with new icons, like the Market Hall and De Rotterdam. Architectural office DoepelStrijkers is busy with a new project, The Dutch Windwheel, with partners Meyster and BLOC. A 175-meter high wind turbine witch includes a hotel, apartments and a roller coaster, which will reach to the Euromast Park.


Duzan Doepel of design DoepelStrijkers says: “It’s more like a Ferris wheel like the London Eye. But the different is that you start underwater like an attraction and you come up to the top of the sky lobby. Or finish and enjoy the view of the city Rotterdam. The building must consist of two rings, on the outside the roller coaster, while inside includes a hotel, apartments and the sky lobby.


Aesthetically fits this new idea perfectly by the city icons in Rotterdam, although it still looks futuristic. The Dutch Windwheel seems to be a tourist attraction, with economic gain for the city as a result. Let’s take for example the many Chinese, who make a European tour. They go through London, Paris, Brussels but skip Rotterdam often. With this plan is Rotterdam probably also involved in the China tour, according to a calculation of Dutch Board of Tourism & Conventions. They estimate one and a half million visitors each year, but that is still a very conservative estimate.


The architectural feat must be durable, with the implementation of EWICON as big pillar. EWICON is a new wind-generating technique, designed by professors John Smit and Dhirad Djairam TU Delft, where the fill hollow steel tubes in the wind with water and by means of friction with the wind energy generation. For the realization of the Windwheel, the technology will have to evolve. “We work hard,” says the company DoepelStrijkers.


This whole new idea sounds indeed very futuristic, but I think that it has growth potential. Look at the Eiffel tower, which is also a weird building but attracts a huge amount of tourist. But than is my next question, do we really want all those tourists? They bring a lot of money but on the other side they make some places less special than they were. This signal fits perfect in the theme sustainable cities, because it’s a hole new plan about a hotel and roller-coaster in one, and if this goes well, than we will maybe get more of these buildings round 2050?! Then we do not have to leave a day to an amusement park, because it is in the same building as your own house. I am very curious about the advances of this idea. I think that this Wheel can be a statement for the Netherlands. Netherland is with this idea I think so much more developed in the future aspects of countries and then they can be a role model for others. I think that it is awesome and they definitely need to do this!

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