Smart Mobility

In Brabant (where I live), entrepreneurs, centres of expertise, the government and an education sector cooperate in national and international networks on innovative and sustainable solutions in the field of ‘smart mobility’. They are looking for solutions for social issues about infrastructure, logistics, safety and sustainable mobility. This all because they want to improve Brabant’s accessibility. The realisation of a safe, cohesive main road network and public transport are by means of a smart, sustainable technologic key here.

‘Europe’s heart of smart solutions’.

Smart Highway
Smart Highway is an innovative concept for intelligent, interactive roads of the future. The themes sustainability and safety is the key to the concept and are manifested in the form of the newest energy. And also light-related technology. This highway is a result of intensive collaboration between builder/developer (Heijmans) and designer Daan Roosegaarde. They have a common goal, and that is why it worked so well between them. They want to innovate the Dutch landscape. They bring out the best: innovation such as ‘Glowing lines’ and ‘Electric Priority Lane’. So roads become more interactive trough smart lighting, the harvesting of energy and traffic signs that adapt to the road situation.

Trefecta stands for the ultimate combination of mobility, technology and conncectivity. When you intergrade these three elements you can construct the perfect e-bike. An international team of Dutch, Swiss and German people engineered a unique and innovative perspective to redefine mobility. Trefecta claims a new category of e-bikes. Only the finest materials where used, like a high-grade aluminium frame. A twin upside down suspension fork deals with the toughest paths. Handlebar mounted controls and an integrated smartphone dock gives the highest functionality without losing any control. In a world that becomes so increasingly demanding, we want to provide sophisticated solutions. They can guarantee a sensational performance.

Isa is not only the most fuel-efficient car on the Dutch road but also the start of a new mobility concept. Transportation today is inefficient and cars like Isa are going to change that. New cars are sustainable but still comfortable and practical are upcoming now a days. Isa is a lightweight comfortable and efficient car that almost drive 400 km of 1 liter gasoline. This car is totally designed and built by students of TU Eindhoven. Featuring a new innovative driveline and the top of the line technologies: truly make Isa the car of the future.

These three signals are examples of the mobility future (especially in Brabant). What perfectly fits in the theme Sustainable cities. Whereby you can ask yourself the question: How would a sustainable city of the future look like? Well by these examples I think that it is very technological developed. By these three can you see that they have the same values: innovation, technological, sustainable, safety and efficient. This also includes enterprises and international cooperation. Witch is also the strengths of Brabant, a successful Dutch region in Europa and a nice place to live. I choose for only Brabant’s examples because I live there and I was very curious of my own city do things with technology en mobility for the future. So I am a lot wiser about this now! These signals have a big growth potential and are all things that we don’t see everyday. They are very futured. I am personally very happy that there are company’s who think a lot in the future because it looks far away but actually, it isn’t. It is good to think about our future lives and what we would use than. So we can make things that can grow little by little in their quality, like a way of durability. I personally really like the Smart Highway. I am very impressed by Daan Roosegaarde after his bicycle path in Eindhoven and now I read this. We can save so much energy with this and do not need mass lampposts anymore. And I definitely think that it makes our highway prettier!

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