Reinventing Traditions

Tradition is cool again. We want to make our hands dirty again like our grandparents in the past. We prefer imperfection above standardized. Think about roasting coffee, brewing beer, baking some bread, and fermenting vegetables. We want to learn how our grandmothers and grandfathers prepared food. Because it gives satisfaction and you can build a business with this concept! Innovations and the newest technologic made the daily life much easier. This because of its speed, but by that speed do we miss our sense of self-control and to do something with great effort. Now our real ‘primal feeling’ resurfaces, we want to show the powerful human again! We want to give our life back the meaning that it needs to have. Being active again will do this. We want our control back into their own hands, trust our own instincts and build an intuition! We break free from the speed and the strength from present-day.

Slow coffee is a coffee, which is growing again. This method of brewing coffee was invented in 1941 and developed. Most people know this way of making coffee, but consider it as coffee at Grandma’s way. Now people put it in a new jacket because they want to make time for a special cup of coffee, experience economy. Like our grannies. You use a pan and lots of water! It is so growing because the reaction in the society; that we really want to do things again and because of the young generation coffee lovers. They noticed that not all types of coffee beans were suitable for the fast way espresso and cappuccino are making coffee. Especially the coffee beans with a bit more fruity and fresh character just lose there flavours because of the quick prepare technique.


It is cool because of the way that the ‘Open World’ has to do with it. This shift to a bit dislike to technology has ensured that people do know the ‘secret’ recipes from our grandmothers. At the other side is it our own food-industry that makes the consumer anger, distrusted and cynic. This, because of the many food scandals in the years. What also has to do with the open world. People know this scandals because of the technological innovations that includes transparency, collaboration, sharing and empowerment. We want to learn things that coming from time that everything looked so pure and ‘real’ like unprocessed foods. I think that we probably get more recipes like our grannies but than in a newer jacket.

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