Because of the planet’s population speeds up round 9 billion people. With this large population of people is it impossible to continue with consuming meat like we do now. But people think that it is important to eat meat and yes, it is. It provides nutritious proteins that you cannot compare with vegetarian alternatives. So there need to be a solution. During the affairs commission I found allot of documentaries about the future of meat. Cultured meat. Professionals and scientist think that that is the way to make a start with the reduction of slaughter animals. Cultured meat or In-Vitro meat (is the same) is an animal flesh product that is part of an animal but not the whole complete, living animal. With this meat can we counter the suffering of animals in the food industry and it could give a rise to really new food products and dining habits. ‘NASA was one of the first who did research on this kind of meat’. This research is based on long space voyages.’


To meet this need and the future of food, are there some new devices. Like ‘The Kitchen Meat Incubator’. It is a set of pre-programmed samples that can be remixed and combined to your own liking and needs. (It is a kind of brewing machine but than for meat). It includes of course traditional styles like steak, sausage and meatballs. But the consumers can now bring their own fantasy to the meat preparation process. The sliders on the device control size shape and texture. And if you want the newest version of this incubator, than it includes a wireless link that allows you to download meat recipes and you can even share those with your friends.


It is so cool because it has a major growing potential. It is now a little explored but not everyone knows about this future meat. Because people don’t want to face the truth about everything that goes wrong (like the big slaughter of all kinds of animals for the meat). People do think that biological food is allot better but don’t always buy it. They act like they do nothing wrong. This device is a perfect example of the trend theme: ‘the Open World’. Because of the new technological developments is it possible to share the In-Vitro meat recipe that scientist made possible. And next to that is it possible to make your own ‘remix’ of the traditional meat, what you even can share with your friends. The borderlines of openness are now porous, fluid and open. It is an idea-gora à an open market for unique creative mind thinkers. Knowledge is increasingly shared with other people and that is what makes this also so special. It is so new. I think that we probably will have this in all households in the future. Vitro-meat is an upcoming thing and possible the biggest new technique in the food-sector.

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