Your sixth sense!

Curious what’s in your food? Do you want to check this all the time? But you don’t know how. Nowadays is there a big need to now what is really in your food. This, probably because of the many food scandals in the past. SCiO is an affordable molecular sensor that can scan many things for you. It is a tiny spectrometer and it allows you to get relevant information about chemical make-up of just about anything around you (food), sent directly to your smartphone. It is not big; you can hold it in your hand palm while you scan the important thing. SCiO is for anyone, who like to get instant information about the things they interact with and consume every day. But it is more than that. Every time you use it you are helping to build a kind of database of knowledge. About the stuff around us, what people scan. When you use SCiO you making everyone smarter and there you can take advantage of.


With SCiO you will be able to analyze food, plants, and medications.

‘‘For example, you can:
– Get nutritional facts about different kinds of food: salad dressings, fruits, vegetables and dairy products. Other apps for drinks, meats, ripeness, and more;
– Get instant information about your own cooking oil;
– Know the well-being of popular plants;
– Authenticate medications or supplements;
– Upload and tag the spectrum of almost any material on earth to our database, even yourself!’’


So you can help other people, get smarter, it is fun and you can do it everywhere because it is just a small thing. You only need your phone but nowadays everyone has a smartphone, there are so many FOMO people. I really see grow potential in this small thing, a lot of people have distrust and cynicism to the food and other sectors. This is a mentality that is becoming increasingly common in recent years. Many things are held back and some people have the idea that the world is against them. This has to do with the crisis; it does not work how it supposed to. And also with the knowledge economy. People are getting smarter and want to be smarter. Scientists can not just tell you what. It is definitely connected with the open world, because of the transparency that is created. We need this small ting as a bullshit filter; we want to know things but the real ones.


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